1 – A strategy or strategic ambitions, mission, vision, value’s, operational actions?

2 – How to build up a strategy?

3 – What is strategic agility?


1 –  Strategy or strategic ambitions, mission, vision, value’s, operational actions?

The last years we asked, during many great strategic cup of coffee’s, over 100 CEO’s about their strategy. Many CEO’s came up with answers like:

– We want to be number one in our industry.

– We want to be perceived as the most flexible and service minded company.

– Our company will be the most innovative one in our market with international footprint.

– Growth in turnover and ebit and continues development of our people.

– Develop online platforms and product innovations.


Are these strategies or strategic ambitions, missions, visions, value’s, operational actions?

Alright, if these answers are not a strategy, what is a strategy then?


2 – How to build up a strategy?

Some CEO’s and even the old style consultancy come up with answers like: ‘’We have a focus on big customers’’ referring to one of the competitive strategies of Porter created in the eighties…


Do you think this is clear enough for yourself, for your employees, for your environment, for all the other stakeholders?

-What are the big customers? The current or the potential ones?

– How do we define these big customers? Based on what?

– Do you relate your activities to big customers to your core competences?

– Could be a segmentation based on certain applications within that big customer of more value than the size?

– In which functions is your company great to fulfill towards the big customers?

– Are these functions of more value when a big customer is in a specific phase?

– What is the purpose of segmentation as an important dimension in the build-up of a strategy?

– What is the most important segmentation for your company?

– What are the other dimensions to build-up a strategy next to segmentation?


3 – What is strategic agility?

Everyone is talking about it. Companies should be agile, but what is strategic agility?

– Building a flexible organization?

– Building capabilities to capture opportunities?

– Having a flexible strategy?

– What is a flexible strategy? Being able to go to other markets quickly if needed?

– Develop more methods, competences, business models quickly to adopt to changing environments?

– Being able to fulfill many different upcoming needs and functions in the market?


Well, it is not that simple indeed. Especially in a fast changing environment with a rat race of technological innovations, increasing competition, overwhelming transparency and globalization companies can feel the pressure to change continuously. Is this needed?


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