Sometimes our eyes are still looking, but we are not able to see.

’’We were coming near to gorgeous Paris and the vital old lady in front of me was still reading her book. She was very focussed and still reading when we stopped. In a way I was disappointed she did not manage to finish the book.

When walking to the exit she quickly put the book into her suitcase. I was out of the train and looked back hoping to see the old lady. Unfortunately I missed my gentlemen moment helping her with her suitcase when she stepped out of the train.

She managed and walked straight to me. I was planning to ask her if the book gave any impressions where we are going to. At that time two other ladies welcomed her and embraced her warmly. I caught the moment she looked at me and asked her ‘’Please tell me where are we going to?’’ ‘’I don’t know’’ she answered with a warm smile and while the other two ladies looked at me as well she said ‘’be open and embrace other directions…’’.

Peter Olyslager is working hard to finish his book. Already many stories about international strategic projects and sessions, insightful views and observations are finished.

”A ’’Strategic’’ Night in Paris with Interpol’’ is one of those stories….