Thanks for the flowers! But … what about my perspective?
Many people are insecure during this period. And especially about the future. Fear of getting sick or losing your job. Uncertainty about when you can visit a family member in the nursing home again and pressure on family life through the combination of working from home and homeschooling. As an employer, how do you ensure that your staff remains motivated despite these negative feelings? And the future looks bright. To manage that well, three things are of vital importance: communication, appreciation and the most important… perspective!

Keep communicating
By regularly consulting with your employees, you can monitor how they are coping in the crisis. Many reports of sickness, lack of cooperation or less effort indicate a negative atmosphere. If you consult regularly, you can also identify and tackle any problems in time. Communicate directly and clearly about important developments within the company. Even if you have bad news or do not yet have all the answers ready, communication is always the best option. Inadequate communication creates rumors, “fake news”, which leads to unrest and even worse, conflicts.

Provide appreciation
Valuation can also be done remotely. Pay attention. This can take the form of a bell, card or flower. In addition, reward (extra) the initiatives that are taken. Hand out (digital) pat on the back if people still get work arranged under difficult circumstances. And finally, I am not afraid to facilitate as a manager as much as possible and, if necessary, ‘help out’. That extra step is seen and appreciated, you often get it back twice.

Offer perspective
But no matter how important communication and appreciation is, only one thing is essential, give people perspective. Many people are currently unsure about their future. Research shows that a quarter to a third of respondents say they have been more anxious since the corona crisis, more difficult to relax, and have nothing to look forward to. Younger people in particular experience more stress than before. Take people into the future! Both the company and the future of your people. Show that as a company you strategically look at the opportunities that loom after the corona crisis and you take people to the maximum. So perspective. You will see that it really motivates your people!

PJ Strategy introductory offer: 2 x 3 hour session for 899, – excluding VAT
In 2 sessions of 3 hours, if desired also digitally possible via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we will take a team from your organization (max. 5 persons) selected by you into the environment of your company that has changed due to the corona crisis. What are the new opportunities and possibilities? How do you offer your staff the right perspective? In the 2 sessions this is mapped specifically for your company, under the guidance of the professionals of PJ Strategy. In addition to laying a foundation for recalibrating your strategy, you immediately gain insight into the methodologies that PJ Strategy has developed. And if this gives cause to decide at a later stage to purchase a full Strategic Team Process from PJ Strategy, we will deduct the costs of the introductory offer.

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