Strategy development in uncertain times? Scenario thinking!

We are regularly asked how you can develop your strategy in this uncertain time. There are no facts and data about the world after Corona. What will my future market look like? How are my customers doing? Do I have to do business in another way? Will welfare become more important than prosperity and will we continue to deal with a dominant government? A lot of questions without answers. However, as an entrepreneur you have to ensure that the sails are strategically in the new wind once Corona has been conquered. How do you do that?

Gaining insight into your critical uncertainties

Critical uncertainties are the trend or influence clusters that will have the greatest impact on future developments and events when they arise, but are the most uncertain at the same time. Which critical uncertainties are most decisive for your industry and / or company?
By systematically looking at developments that have a high degree of uncertainty and a major impact on your company, you identify the critical uncertainties. These are outside influences that your company is confronted with, but which it cannot influence itself. Here we assume the simultaneous emergence and existence of mutually contradictory developments and effects. Dealing with this tension is an important part of how to act.
Are 1, 2 or more scenarios conceivable?
Writing scripts is useful to gain insight into the uncertain and unpredictable influences on your company or industry. With an open mind and a clear view. And from there you determine the possible threats but also the opportunities. Once an estimate has been made of this, you can determine what the room for action is. Working with scenarios also reveals potential tensions and / or dilemmas that were not previously recognized as such. Scenarios help to visualize the different future options. In this way it is possible to choose a course of action for your company or industry that will be successful in all scenarios.


Build robust strategic options with your team in which it becomes clear for each option what, where and how your company will do that. These options will be more or less successful depending on the scenario. And perhaps there are also strategic options that are essential and successful in all scenarios! Do not be hindered by the idea that you have to start exporting immediately. Confronting your strategic options with the different scenarios provides guidance for you to work out several strategic directions and to direct your company in the right direction as soon as one of the scenarios arises. Do you want to look to the future with peace and confidence and also be prepared for what may come your way in the coming period? Please contact us, we have a wonderful offer for you to start this process.

PJ Strategy: Critical Uncertainties & Strategy Scan for only € 1,950 excl. VAT

Together with our Scenario specialist we offer you and your team in 3 sessions of 3 hours insight into the most critical uncertainties of the moment for your company and / or industry (excluding scenarios). In addition, with the ‘Strategic Scan’ developed by our specialists, we give you insight into the quality of your current strategic process. What is in order and what still needs to be worked on.
If this process gives cause to decide at a later stage to purchase a complete Strategic Team Process from PJ Strategy, we will deduct the costs of the previous offer.

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