Just sharing the many different views of the many directors from many different angles was already a revelation. Comments:
“Beautiful, challenging, very interesting, new energy, positive and inspiring!”

“Good discussion partners, relevant statements and important to take the time for this in the hectic, and uncertainty, of this time. In short, time well spend! ”
Jan Joost Bosman, CEO Auping

“Educational, very interesting and challenging”
Jan Hak, former owner and founder HAK

“Sharing experiences and visions is very useful. Moreover, you get energy from the interactions ”
Berry de Kort, CEO JMANGO360

“I can recommend every entrepreneur to participate in this round table. The statements ensure that you get a good discussion, but especially other insights, which you can take back to your own company. It is still nice to get a different view on the same subject. Inspiration!”
Alexander de Ruiter, CEO OBI4wan

“Fascinating session, especially because of the many different thoughts and angles at the table. For me it meant that I would rethink the corona business scenarios again in order to maintain the positive long-term course as much as possible and not to fall into measures for short-term threats too quickly. Positive and inspiring! ”
Kees Boot, CEO Boot Engineers