Strategic Gamification

In the business simulation “Customer Value Challenge”, each team leads a company in an equal market.

Strategic choices must be made jointly to create as much customer value and enterprise value as possible with regard to production, engineering, sales, marketing, forecasting, budgets, profit, ROCE, employee satisfaction, sustainability. Most importantly, managing and developing the whole.

Each team starts from the same starting situation. After each selection round, each team receives clear feedback, which teams are leading and why.
And just like in “real”, this simulation is full of surprises from the dynamic world around the company! These “surprises” and the way in which the market reacts are very comparable to reality.

Of course it is also about winning ..

Which team wins? Who can best make strategic decisions? Who can think best outside-in? Which team can best estimate the financial consequences? Which team has the best strategic process to win?
Learning by doing, teamwork, fun and competition! Proven learning effect and moderated by experienced people in the field of strategy and organizational science.

Introduction offer

The game is on!
• 3 rounds of play (2 hours of preparation per round, 2 hours of choices)
• Feedback online: 1 hour
• 4 teams of 4-5 participants
• 595 euros ex VAT per person
• Online / live / combination possible

You can register with a single team or multiple teams per company.

“It is a privilege to be invited for this.”
Frans Pigeaud, Lecturer in Strategic Management and Innovation, Nyenrode Business University and experienced moderator of the customer value challenge

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