Once again the PJ Strategy Academy is rated with a 10!

The PJ Strategy Academy scores 9.3 on the biggest digital education platform Springest!

“The PJ Strategy Academy was fantastic to participate in. Personal, well-founded, innovative and directly applicable in practice. On the basis of cases, Peter Olyslager and Paul Hoogerhuis ensure that, based on a number of proven methodologies (including the creation of new 3-D options), you are provided with the tools for a process of strategic business development (with firm anchoring in the organization). to be able to accompany. Besides being very valuable, I also really liked it! ”

For more testimonials see: https://www.springest.nl/pj-strategy#ervaringen

or https://pjstrategy.com/testimonials/?lang=en

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Paul Hoogerhuis | paulhoogerhuis@pjstrategy.com | 06 1133 5410
Peter Olyslager | peterolyslager@pjstrategy.com | 06 2280 3746