After a very exciting and very tight final round in the Grand Final of the online HGA Business Games (all winners from 2021), the Vencomatic team has won the Award of the online HGA Business Games 2021!

The winners of Vencomatic are Marcella Merkelbach, Arnoud Heurter, Rowin Buikema and Edwin Vlems.

Rowin Buikema: “The game in the winner’s round was a lot more challenging because new elements were added to the game. This made the choices more complex and at the same time more fun!”

In this strategic gamification, this team had the best strategy team process for the entire company and the implementation to the business units (4 different cars), departments (engineering, production, HR, sales, marketing, supply chain, etc.) and regions of all teams in 2021!

What was particularly striking was the wonderful alignment in the team and the continuous switching between the head office (the development of the whole) and the translation to the BUs, departments and regions.

During the Grand Final day, we presented the decisions and results of the teams in the last round step by step. It was very exciting until the last feedback.

Vencomatis is a great en well-deserved winner of the online HGA Business Games 2021!

The online HGA Business Games 2022 will start again from March 2022.

Interested in participating in 2012? Please contact the persons listed below.

Koos van Woerkom | | 06 1213 8504

Peter Olyslager | | 06 2280 3746