It was another beautiful and intense strategic adventure!

The 5 Academy Members gave a wonderful tenth session of PJ Strategy Academy last week with impressive presentations of the McEnroe Innovation.

Everyone made good solid use of the methods and pragmatic exercises provided in the previous nine sessions, they came up with a very unique and impressively constructed strategic route for the McEnroe Innovation.

Structured and grounded, fully applied 3D thinking and acting, to the point, and not static but dynamically moving strategically using wave strategies.

As academy leaders, we are always happy when we see that we have been able to anchor a lot, but thinking in general terms and being to the point also developed at lightning speed in this academy. It was a great pleasure again to organize this Academy!

Thanks to Ferdi Faas, Arthur van der Meer, Suzanne Josephi, Ron Kloos and Wim in ‘t Veld! Also thanks to Erwin van der Wal and Arjan de Lange.