‘PJ Strategy has supported and guided us in our search for the right strategy within a very dynamic production environment.
Thanks to the professional support of Peter and Jeroen, we have worked on a clear strategy in a short time. In addition to setting the course, this has directly led to better cooperation within our company!”
”A great experience that every self-respecting company should allow itself!”
Menko Eisma, General Manager, Trumpf Netherlands

‘’Very insightful and educational!’’
“Peter and Jeroen did a masterful job in accommodating discussions while still being able to challenge the status-quo and raising the discussions into the next level of thinking. As a company we have benefitted from going through this process together and having a clear strategic alignment’’.
‘’Our takeaway from these sessions is a clear picture of the strategic goals we hold and the practice of continuously refining our ideas and mindset towards strategy.”
Leon Halion, Global Group Lead, Trumpf