Finished another wonderful PJ Strategy Academy last week!
Six Academy Members, as a company’s strategic team, have again made a creative and well-founded strategic journey.

This journey with pragmatic and innovative exercises / methodologies ended after 10 sessions in beautiful presentations of the McEnroe Innovation.

It is with great pleasure that Arjan de Lange and I awarded the “McEnroe Degree” certificates.

Thanks to Jos Frijters, Camiel Willekes, Ant Brandenburg, Ynte Kramer MSc, Arnoud van der Pol and Dik-Jan Jetses.
Thanks also to Jeroen Van Velzen, Geert Eling and Erwin van der Wal for their support.
Thanks also to Patty Koot from BuroPark, graphic design in optima forma!

Do we opt for the ”best strategy” or do we opt for multiple strategic options that reinforce each other in terms of time and value?
The ”best strategy” is (too) static for many companies.
The series of different strategic options, within the 3D discipline, can lead to making the competition irrelevant.
McEnroe made Borg irrelevant with a wonderful series….

We embed these methodologies in your company in the strategic team process of PJ Strategy.

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