Why do many companies have difficulties with the implementation and coordination in the operation?
The gap is simply too big between the ambitions (vision, mission, objectives) or the ‘clear’ strategy & the implementation/operation. This GAP is called the White-Box…
”The strategy is clear! The implementation is the challenge!
Building-up the White-Box, together, is the process to also improve the implementation in the operation!
A representative team from the company/organization will go through this process together, foundation everything internally and externally, jointly build ideas into strategic options and translate them to the organization, evaluate and foundation, let the options in time and value reinforce each other (dynamic strategic movement) and all this in 3D! The Strategic Team Process!
When the strategic foundation has been built, there will be ownership and alignment for a clearly targeted implementation.
The operation is aimed at future strategic development with more value for the environment and not aimed at local operational optimizations or operational urgencies…


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