Geert Eling

Business Strategy Partner

“The power of an organization consists by the people they work at that place”

Geert has a broad experience in several management positions in profit and in non-profit organizations like University of Groningen (Managing Director), Océ Nederland B.V. (Country Service Manager), Canon Nederland N.V. (Vice President).

The common theme in all his functions is change, not as a purpose but as a necessary move to a new perspective. Travel together and face the opportunities and gives all stakeholders the right connected feeling.

Geert is involved, decisiveness and forward-looking, searching to business opportunities and knows how to translate the customer demand into new possibilities. Is enterprising and sensible what the impact is for the organization and her employees. He knows how to find and use the present knowhow and wisdom.

Phone: +31 6 20363319

Geert Eling