2001-2005 Kemira Rotterdam
Introducing new 3D strategic thinking and acting at Kemira EMEA, Rotterdam. This resulted in a positive EBIT position in BU Europe first time since 9 years!

2004-2005 MBA Helsinki
‘’Peter Olyslager took a natural lead in the strategic thinking module, adopting and combining very quickly’’. ‘’The exceptional A+ grade was given based on a new way of designing strategies in 3 dimensions creating clarity and strategic excellence into organisations’’

Ram Baliga, Professor Strategic Management, Wake Forest University, US & MBA Professor

2004-2008  Kemira Helsinki
The fundamentals of PJ Strategy were mainly developed when working in the Headquarters of Kemira in Helsinki.

Despite intensive attempts and impressive fees of well- known conservative strategy consulting firms for many years, Kemira was still struggling with their strategy, ebits and share value as a result of a hyper competitive environment.

In this frustration we had to develop innovative strategies and business models ourselves and we did…. After six months we showed improved EBIT through creating value for our market! First time since 7 years!

2009- …. PJ Strategy
With unique strategic methods for highly competitive environments like ‘The McEnroe Innovation’, ‘Transcending Strategies’, 3D thinking &acting, Criteria te Win, de White Box and ‘Wave-Strategies’, PJ Strategy helps companies to find the right direction, new perspectives, significant growth and growth control, innovation, increased ebit and strategic structure.

Through a new developed and effective ‘bottom-up’ Strategic Team Process (STP), PJ Strategy will anchor strategy knowledge, skills, structure, optimized implementation and strategic manoeuvring capabilities in your company for future strategic challenges.