2001-2005 Kemira Rotterdam
Introducing new 3D strategic thinking and acting at Kemira EMEA, Rotterdam. This resulted in a positive EBIT position in BU Europe first time since 9 years!

2004-2005 MBA Helsinki
‘’Peter Olyslager took a natural lead in the strategic thinking module, adopting and combining very quickly’’. ‘’The exceptional A+ grade was given based on a new way of designing strategies in 3 dimensions creating clarity and strategic excellence into organisations’’

Ram Baliga, Professor Strategic Management, Wake Forest University, US & MBA Professor

2004-2008  Kemira Helsinki
The fundamentals of PJ Strategy were mainly developed when working in the Headquarters of Kemira in Helsinki.

Despite intensive attempts and impressive fees of well- known conservative strategy consulting firms, Kemira worldwide was still struggling with their strategy, ebits and share value as a result of a hyper competitive environment. So, we had to develop innovative strategies and business models ourselves and we did….

2009- …. PJ Strategy
With unique strategic methods for highly competitive environments like ‘The McEnroe Innovation’, ‘Transcending Strategies’ and ‘Wave-Strategies’, PJ Strategy helps companies to find the right direction, new perspectives, significant growth and growth control, innovation, increased ebit and strategic structure.

Through a new developed and effective ‘bottom-up’ Strategic Team Process (STP), PJ Strategy will anchor strategy knowledge, skills, structure, optimized implementation and strategic manoeuvring capabilities in your company for future strategic challenges.