Jeroen van Velzen

Academy leader

“The ones most adaptive to change are the winners of tomorrow” (Darwin interpreted).
Our world, the context of our companies, our customers, our people, our nature.
They all change continuously. Nothing lasts for ever.

This theme has been the driver for Jeroen to improve his businesses,
to help his teams to achieve results beyond their expectations.

Business strategy is not different from any other business discipline.
One should continuously develop & monitor, learn and improve. Plan, do, check, act.
Applying proper fundamental techniques, managing the change and proper coaching
the people in this process, business performance has always improved.
As a result, employees and customers feel better, bottom line improves.
In the end, all stakeholders are satisfied.

After more than a decade at Philips, Jeroen became an entrepreneur
and lead various companies in the lighting industry.
During his career, he had the opportunity to lead businesses from many different disciplines.
He has a history of product development,  (new) business development, production management,
marketing & sales, business strategy and general management.

“I’m honored to share my experience and know how with you.
The bonus for me is when you’re applying what you’ve learned from us and
that you become successful with that. There’s no bigger reward.”

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Phone: + +31 (0)6 5116 3804

Jeroen van Velzen