Peter Docters van Leeuwen

Business Strategy Partner

Peter’s career can be summarised in one sentence:
“Finding the Right Direction in highly competitive environments”.

Peter has 25 years of  business experience in general management, strategy, sales & marketing management with profit & loss responsibilities in many different industries including Building,
Construction and Engineering.

Peter has a Legal background, he graduated at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1994.
He sharpened his financial and economic skills in 2003 at The University of Phoenix where
he completed the MBA program.

His passion is (corporate) strategy and organisational development. Peter believes strongly
that a successful strategic development involves a management focus on the desired and needed
skills in the organisation. He is also convinced that strategy implementation and organisational
development travel over the same time line.

More info:

Phone: +31 6 5268 8008

Peter Docters van Leeuwen