You always wanted to be in the shoes of the CEO?

Now you can!

PJ Strategy is offering in alliance with MEGAlearning the ‘Customer Value Challenge’!
You will be part of a team (4 to 5 people) representing a challenging company.
Together with your team you will be challenged to take strategic decisions continuously.
Which team takes out competition? Which team will create value? Which team will win?

Take Aways
Think and act strategically fast & furious, beyond BU’s and departments
Understand the results of your decisions quickly
Thinking more outside-in
Intensive team process
Common understanding and fast consensus, using the same strategic language
Active & fast learning

Way of Working
Learning by doing
Learn to win

If you want to know more please contact Arjan de Lange | arjandelange@pjstrategy.com | 06-5147 8704