Strategy Team Process (STP)

Together we make a strategic team in your company.
This team will get the honour for the future development of your company and will be developed, guided,
facilitated and inspired to reach the ambitions.

At the same time the team will be given the right strategic tools, practises and exercises to work with to reach their ambitions.

Strategic alignment, strategic structure & fundament for a succesful future.

Do you want to have an analytical report which is difficult to get through your organization
or do you want to experience the STP (Strategy Team Process) of PJ Strategy?


The best way towards your ambitions

Engagement & ownership

More robust company with improved alignment

A fundament and structure for creating growth & growth control

Costs efficiently as a result of our bottom-up approach

How & Who

The members of the teams will play
a significant role in all programs, modules, exercises and processes initiated by PJ Strategy

The teams will build up a strategic document via research, analysis, creative sessions & presentations of relevant topics

All strategic Idea’s, skills and knowledge in your company will be made relevant for the future development of your company

Where & When

The Sessions can be done in- or out company

The whole strategy process can be finished within 3-6 Months

Distance guidance is possible

When? Now! The strategic development of your company needs the highest priority

Strategy Team Process – Testimonials

“This structured 3D strategy team process was a real eye-opener, and the excellent guidance from Peter and Arjan ensured that the focus on substantive discussions and progress was maintained.

Moreover, this process has contributed to further strengthening the MT as a team!’’

Berry den Ridder, Managing Director, OK Gas (Nefco Energy Group)

”A great experience that every self-respecting company should allow itself!”

”PJ Strategy has supported and guided us in our search for the right strategy within a very dynamic production environment.

Thanks to the professional support of Peter and Jeroen, we have worked on a clear strategy in a short time. In addition to setting the course, this has directly led to better cooperation within our company!”

‘’Very insightful and educational!’’

“Peter and Jeroen did a masterful job in accommodating discussions while still being able to challenge the status-quo and raising the discussions into the next level of thinking. As a company we have benefitted from going through this process together and having a clear strategic alignment’’.

‘’Our takeaway from these sessions is a clear picture of the strategic goals we hold and the practice of continuously refining our ideas and mindset towards strategy.”

‘A very inspiring process! In short, a complete, concrete and robust method which is permanently applicable for both ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ companies and organisations’

‘Peter Olyslager has written ”legacy”. More than 3 years ago we started to work with PJ Strategy and we still make use of the insights and especially the strategic fundament created during an excellent partnership for nearly one year. A clear transition has arisen.

’PJ Strategy stimulates intense discussions and succeeds to get perspectives and idea’s out of the group. This means progress. The PJ process gives much reflection.’

’PJ Strategy enabled us to get into a real strategy process instead of a strategy project. This takes longer, but created the impact needed.

The strategic structure PJ Strategy anchored in our organisation helps us significantly to reach the strategic efficiency needed.’

’PJ Strategy engaged us in a process, put a structure on the conversation, and illuminated insights and opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see.’

Drs. HWG van den Heuvel , Managing Director OXHILL7

Making better choices & letting go

Better results & perspectives

The right direction

Growth & growth control


Better implementation

Strategic development of your people

Robust company

Superior customer & stakeholder benefits

Strategic structure & fundament

Business happiness

Your team will make the strategic document guides by us.

This document will structure all programs, exercises and processes initiated by PJ Strategy.

This document will be the fundament for your all your future challenges

The strategic A4 will be the guideline for future strategic manoeuvring and communication towards all stakeholders

PJ Strategy Audit
One day audit to find out how strategic your company is and can be.

PJ Strategy Day
Taylor-made strategy day to have a strategic dialogue.

PJ Strategy Discovery
A two or three day interactive program with several exercises

PJ Strategy Process
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