The PJ Strategy Academy

Winning Strategic Leadership. A ”post-MBA and many years of high-level strategic experience” Academy.


Get inspired by unconventional new strategic thinking 

Pragmatic, straight away applicable

Complete strategic structure and overview

Grow your strategic business skills and knowledge through the unique methods, exercises, theory, real cases, strategy processes of PJ Strategy

Receive ”The postgraduate McEnroe degree” 


The academy members team will be guided, inspired, managed and coached through the authentic, creative and innovative strategy process of PJ Strategy

The skills and knowledge, dialogue, fundament and structure will be anchored into the team via tasks, exercises, examples, cases, etc.

Two evaluations: the real-time James Case and The McEnroe Innovation

When & Where

2-4 Academies a year: Spring (March) & Autumn (September)

10 sessions of 4 hours

Flexible locations or Breda

2-4 In-Your-Company Academies a year

Evaluation committee Academy

Arjan de Lange | Academy Leader

Eric Dooms | Academic Director TIAS

Peter Olyslager | Managing Partner

Jeroen van Velzen | Academy Leader

Arnoud van der Pol | Academy Leader

Entry level: Deeply experienced strategic business leader | Master/Bachelor| MBA/NIMA-C

PJ Strategy Academy – Testimonials

“The Academy is very well put together! The 3D team process is the foundation on which the process floats.

Michael van den Berg, Director Consulting Services, CGI

“It is an intensive and very instructive course that combines practice and theory in a relaxed way. Creating a 3D strategy is recommended for every company with the help of professionals such as the partners of PJ Strategy.

Iwan van Bilsen, Head Strategic Partnerships, RICS

Beautiful strategic journey with effective analysis and spot on discussions. Absolutely recommended and a good basis for implementing strategic excellence in concrete terms with the MT!

Huib Jan Krasenberg, Executive Director, Agrifirm

This strategic journey was a gift! A different view on strategy formation! The method is challenging and forces you to think carefully about all aspects in a way that leads to beautiful insights. Both structured and practically applicable for teams. Top!”

Stefan Kersten, Director E-Commerce & Trade Marketing, Brabantia

The cooperation/interaction between the 2 men from PJ Strategy, their substantive program and the participants made this a great journey for me! What a fun and educational Academy this was! I have to give a 10!

Martijn Hanekroot, Avis Budget

“Very memorable Academy! Is practical and very effective! A ‘must’ for organizations that want to take a truly sustainable step in a changing markets!”

Dr. Mr. Peter Anthonisse

“Completely new doors went open for me! Experience how your current thinking patterns cause you to miss opportunities and possibilities, that’s what The PJ Strategy Academy does with you!”

John Faas, Business Unit Manager at Baars & Bloemhoff

“The PJ Strategy Academy was fantastic to participate. Personal, well-founded, innovative and immediately applicable in practice. In addition to being very valuable, I also really liked it!”

“In a word:” Brilliant “! The academy is a fantastic learning experience by showing the participant conceptually what PJStrategy’s vision is on strategy development. Subsequently made applicable by working out case studies and using very appealing practical examples during each session. The academy leaders then make it a unique experience because of their applied knowledge and infectious enthusiasm!”


“The Academy is structured and is triggering creativity, has many individual exercises, generates many insights. However the overview of the whole process give the highest value. Great experience”!

Ortec Finance

“The PJ Strategy Academy offers a strategic methodology that is as practical as it is thorough for individuals and teams in organisations. The substantive depth in combination with collaborative exercises bring you an immediately applicable strategic thinking and working method. Educational and fun”!

”Straight away applicable. Forces you to think and act out of the box. Real life case study. Great group dynamics”

”A serious level of strategic skills, knowledge and experience is needed to be successful in this academy, to see the impact at a company through the different thinking and tools”

”The Academy gave me, next to strategic business skills, knowledge and overview, most of all an impressive structure very much needed for me, but a must for many companies”

”The PJ Strategy Academy has a very complete, robust and creative process”.

”I really enjoyed this academy and it was a pleasure and insightful to work with Jeroen van Velzen and Peter Olyslager”.

”Unconventional, pragmatic, enjoyable. It gets the best out of organisations”

”The key topic is strategic business skills to understand the challenges of companies and to bring in the methods needed”. ”Very insightful!”

”It was deeply insightful and very enjoyable to be part of a group of international, very experienced partners and to be guided by Peter Olyslager in this Academy.”

“PJ Strategy involved me and the other participants in a strategy process with both known and new insights. In particular, the mutual dialogue stimulated reflection and resulted in excellent and instructive strategic discussions. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Peter!”

Great testimonials, average 9.3!, on Springest!
The PJ Strategy Academy has recieved many great testimonials at the biggest education platform Springest with more than 78.000 programs.

For more info please contact our Academy Leaders

Arjan de Lange
Phone: +31 6 5147 8704

Peter Olyslager
Phone: +31 6 2280 3746

Former and future PJ Strategy Academies

Academy I September 2013
Academy II April 2014
Academy III September 2014
Academy IV March 2015
Academy V September 2015
Academy VI April 2016
Academy VII September 201 6
Academy VIII March 2017
Academy VIIII September 2017
Academy X March 2018
Academy XI September 2018
Academy XII March 2019
Academy XIII September 2019
Academy XIIII September 2019
Academy XV November 2019
Academy XVI June 2020
Academy XVII September 2020
Academy XVIII October 2020
Academy XVIIII March 2021
Academy XX September 2021
Academy XXI March 2022
Academy XXII September 2022
Academy XXIII October 2022
Academy XXIIII March 2023
Academy XXV September 2023