The Polyscope Case

Increase EBIT through value creation in the external value network and international growth.
Embedding of strategic knowledge and skills and coordination in structured team effort.

General information

Based in Geleen, Polyscope is an acquisition of DSM producing and world leader in SMA copolymers for many industries such as automotive (dashboard, etc.), electronics, paper industry, etc. Company size 55 million turnover, 50 people, many agents worldwide.


Generally, SMA is pressured as a plastic by cheap substitutes such as fiberglass-filled PP and others.
Direct SMA competitors such as Nova Chemicals even decided to close production, which resulted in more short-term activities for Polycope, but the market is clearly shrinking.
Aware that long-term SMA contracts will not be renewed in their dominant car company, Polyscope is looking for compensatory activities elsewhere.
Polyscope includes a trend, a competition and a chain challenge.

The PJ Strategy process and results

The CEO, Patrick Meuzers, challenged PJ Strategy by formulating the ambition to grow significantly within 5 years.
The CEO was charmed by our bottom-up philosophy, the strategy platform and the discussions that will be created in his team, the expected increase in strategy knowledge and skills anchored by the process and hoped / expected his team to understand each other and himself.

After a PJ Strategy day we started our first strategic session. Polyscope had a list of 8 possible acquisitions. We advised them to take over companies in principle strategy implementation.

Together we have created 13 strategic options in the organization how to do this, where to do this and what and why defined.
These options have been assessed and ranked according to many criteria to make the value of the options more objective and clear.

Strategic agility

The choice for one strategic option was static, so we created dynamic strategic maneuvers with a Wave strategy: a strategic movement in time and value based on what we do, where & how (3D) towards the ambitions.

After 1 year, Polyscope has implemented many options according to the ” Wave strategy ” and increased their sales internationally using the strategic excellence (strategic efficiency (3D building of strategies) and anchored more strategic knowledge and skills in their organization through our bottom). team approach.

Polyscope owned the strategic development and implementation was clear and effective.
Ebit has been improved. Revenues have diversified and increased. Position much more international.

Polyscope logo

Peter Olyslager wrote ‘legacy’. We started working with PJ Strategy more than 3 years ago and we still use the insights and especially the strategic foundation that has arisen for almost a year during an excellent collaboration. A clear transition has emerged. ‘

Patrick Muezers, CEO Polyscope, (ex-DSM company)
Polyscope logo

“Thanks to PJ Strategy, we were able to enter a real strategy process instead of a strategic project. This takes longer, but created the necessary impact.
In addition, PJ Strategy was able to bring us into a structural strategic discussion in which we created many different strategic growth perspectives that we needed to achieve our very ambitious goals. The strategic structure that PJ Strategy has anchored in our organization significantly helps us to achieve the necessary strategic efficiency. ‘

Kees Broeren, Process Owner & CSO Polyscope, (ex-DSM company)