Creating Winners!

Our ambition is to let companies win in all aspects. Impact through strategic value creation, improving positioning, strategic development MT and high-potentials.

Creating ownership, alignment, effective collaboration, effective cascading into the organization, socially progressive and business happines!

Clarity and sharpness. Well-founded joint choices. Concreteness. Pragmatic.

Working as a team on the strategic development of the entire company. Learning to transcend your own department, BU or geographical unit.

Companies win if the ambitions (or more) are achieved.

The partners of PJ Strategy are strategic and seasoned business professionals with many profit &loss experience, clearly not the traditional strategy consultants.

Many companies have a lot of knowledge, skills and ideas.

We have the methods to develop the strategic foundation for the future for your company.

We develop people, teams and therefore organizations strategically.

Distinctive power

Innovative strategic thinking & acting

Developing organizations strategically by developing Ceo’s, boards and teams strategically

Effective pragmatic working methods

For whom?

We develop and guide people, teams and organizations strategically with ambition and urgencies in all sectors.


Strategy Team Process (STP)™

Strategic Team Process (STP) With the Strategic Team Process (STP), we develop and embed the right strategic methodologies in the people and in the organization to win, to jointly shape the strategic development and implementation of the entire company as a team.

This strategic excellence creates a more natural operational excellence.

We do this intensively with and through the people in the organization. We create collaboration and alignment.

The McEnroe Innovation

Innovative strategic thinking and acting, with impact!

Changing the rules of the game to win!

PJ Strategy Academy

With the Academy we develop and embed the right pragmatic knowledge and skills in an imitation of a Strategic Team Process in practice.

Innovative, surprising, pragmatic, different, complete and with impact.

Online Business Games

The online Business Games gives MT members and high-potentials the exercise and insights to shape the strategic development of a company as a whole through all disciplines and BUs via high-tech software. Making decisions together, active learning, direct feedback, winning together and having fun!

Strategy Business Partners of
PJ Strategy

We are partners who work pragmatically with the people in the organizations to shape, anchor and win together with strategic development and implementation.