Lets Play & Win!

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30 companies will compete for the High Growth Business Games Award in 2021 through digital Strategic Gamification.

Active learning. Winning together, by making the best strategic choices together.

After each round insightful feedback, which teams are in the lead and why.

Start Business Games March 1, 2021. Grand Final November 22, 2021.

Why Business Games?

You learn to make better strategic choices in teamwork

Common language for strategic thinking and acting

Learning by doing

Winning together & fun!

Why PJ Strategy?

Instant feedback

Proven concept

Experienced moderators

Planning Business Games & Awards

In the period March – October 2021, the 6 games will be played with 5 companies

In November immediately prior to the Grand Final on November 22, the final final will be played with the winners of the 6 games

In November, a jury consisting of experts and top entrepreneurs will determine the prices for the HGA Business Games

Physical Grand Final November 22, 2021: Winner of the HGA Business Games Award announced in the presence of entrepreneurs with their teams, judges and organizers PJ Strategy and Port4Growth.

“It is a privilege to be invited to this event”

Frans Pigeaud, Lecturer in Strategic Management and Innovation, Nyenrode Business University

Interested or more info? Contact:

Peter Olyslager | peterolyslager@pjstrategy.com | 06 2280 3746

Koos van Woerkom | koosvanwoerkom@pjstrategy.com | 06 1213 8504

The HGA Business Games are powered by MEGA Learning software.