”A great experience that every self-respecting company should allow itself!”

”PJ Strategy has supported and guided us in our search for the right strategy within a very dynamic production environment.

Thanks to the professional support of Peter and Jeroen, we have worked on a clear strategy in a short time. In addition to setting the course, this has directly led to better cooperation within our company!”

‘’Very insightful and educational!’’

“Peter and Jeroen did a masterful job in accommodating discussions while still being able to challenge the status-quo and raising the discussions into the next level of thinking. As a company we have benefitted from going through this process together and having a clear strategic alignment’’.

‘’Our takeaway from these sessions is a clear picture of the strategic goals we hold and the practice of continuously refining our ideas and mindset towards strategy.” 

“The PJ Strategy Academy was fantastic to participate. Personal, well-founded, innovative and immediately applicable in practice. In addition to being very valuable, I also really liked it!”

“In a word:” Brilliant “! The academy is a fantastic learning experience by showing the participant conceptually what PJStrategy’s vision is on strategy development. Subsequently made applicable by working out case studies and using very appealing practical examples during each session. Peter Olyslager and Paul Hoogerhuis then make it a unique experience because of their applied knowledge and infectious enthusiasm!”

Ortec Finance

“The PJ Strategy Academy offers a strategic methodology that is as practical as it is thorough for individuals and teams in organisations. The substantive depth in combination with collaborative exercises bring you an immediately applicable strategic thinking and working method. Educational and fun”!


“The Academy is structured and is triggering creativity, has many individual exercises, generates many insights. However the overview of the whole process give the highest value. Great experience”!

“Exciting and stimulating. The PJ Strategy Academy combines structure and creativity, with proven methods and authentic approach”.

”PJ Strategy Academy is an eyeopener! A truly valuable experience thanks to Peter Olyslager and Jeroen van Velzen”.

‘A very inspiring process! In short, a complete, concrete and robust method which is permanently applicable for both ‘for profit’ and ‘not for profit’ companies and organisations’.

‘Peter Olyslager has written ”legacy”. More than 3 years ago we started to work with PJ Strategy and we still make use of the insights and especially the strategic fundament created during an excellent partnership for nearly one year. A clear transition has arisen.’

”Straight away applicable. Forces you to think and act out of the box. Real life case study. Great group dynamics”

’PJ Strategy stimulates intense discussions and succeeds to get perspectives and idea’s out of the group. This means progress. The PJ process gives much reflection.’

”A serious level of strategic skills, knowledge and experience is needed to be successful in this academy, to see the impact at a company through the different thinking and tools”

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