“The method is challenging and creates new insights!”

”Great mix of new concepts and practical application of existing models!”

Another wonderful PJ Strategy Academy completed with 7 CEOs, general managers and board members.

Thanks to the Academy Members: Martijn Hanekroot, General Manager Avis Netherlands & Budget, Stefan Kersten, Director Brabantia, Jan-Willem Septer, Director, Peter Janmaat, General Manager Apexion, Ronald Kerkhof, Director Smart Communications, Lucien Dechesne Interim Director and Simon Bos, Director Umincorp.

Thank you for your wonderful testimonials and an average score of 9.5 for the PJ Strategy Academy!

The PJ Strategy Academy is an imitation of a Strategic Team Process in practice. A beautiful strategic journey of 10 sessions of 4 hours. See wonderful testimonials and experiences from academy members via www.springest.nl

Thanks also to Arjan de Lange and Arnoud van der Pol.