Can Beter Bed Holding keep up in this hyper competitive environment?

PJ Strategy will guide Beter Bed to a more valuable proposition, significant growth and strategic excellence resulting in a natural operational excellence creating better financials.

What could be the right strategic direction for Beter Bed Holding in this rat race of sleeping comfort with many competitors like Auping, IKEA, Slaapkamercomfort, Eastborn, Caresse, Pullman, Jensen, Phi-ton, Tempur and many, many, many others?

Why does Beter Bed Holding thinks they can transcend their low-end reputation towards a more valuable propostion when their main capabilities are mainly operational excellence issue’s like great purchasing power?

How to achieve a real value proposition towards the market which are not transient?

Does the whole sleeping comfort branche have many pre-assumptions about a so called competitive advantage? Are their prices, turnover, ebits and share-value’s going up consistently? Or are they all just focussed on an operational excellence and discount ratrace? Where does this lead to?

We think all the ceo’s and strategy teams especially in this branche have to read the book: ’’The End of Competitive Advantage by Rita McGrath’’…. Could a high and relevant strategy DNA be an important structural and agile competitive advantage for a company? Enjoy.

The authentic, innovative strategy process of PJ Strategy will create 6 to 8 new growth perspectives for Beter Bed Holding. Welcome to our Academy!