Does corona change mindsets? From prosperity to well-being?

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, countries have opted en masse to put well-being above prosperity. Under the motto “health above all”, we are prepared to take enormous, economically impactful, far-reaching measures. Experts therefore point out that this crisis will definitely change our mindset from prosperity to well-being. But is this reality?

The emergence of controversy in society about welfare approach.

In the first few weeks of crisis, we were unanimous about the approach ‘health is paramount’! Now an increasing countermovement is starting to emerge. Jort Kelder started the discussion and was wished for by welfare supporters. But he did unleash a moment of reflection. All of us are clapping hard for all our healthcare staff (and rightly so!), But isn’t the economic bill we pay to protect the vulnerable elderly group not too high? 150,000 bankruptcies or more, vulnerable children with an (even) greater learning disability, growing psychological problems among broad sections of the population and so on. Hopefully future easing of the measures will bring the two “camps” closer together and provide much needed harmony. Because what stands as a pole above water is that we will soon have to pull out all the stops and that we can solve all problems ONLY TOGETHER.

And why do we have to choose? Well-being and prosperity can also go hand in hand or not?

Of course there will always be tension on the line of the “prosperity / welfare balance”. Unfortunately, increasing prosperity often has negative effects on the well-being of people and nature. The corona crisis does teach us that we can improve this balance by asking ourselves the right questions. Why are we unnecessarily polluting in traffic jams when we have (discovered) the technical tools of digital working from home? Why not accelerate the development of robots in healthcare to combat loneliness? Why not accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuels and switch completely to the energy that mother earth provides us for free (wind, water, sun)?

Where is the prosperity / welfare balance after corona? Nobody knows (yet)!

No matter what all trend watchers, experts or other experts in the world claim, nobody knows (now) exactly. Time will tell. What we do know for sure is that corona has given us a moment of reflection in which we have been briefly impressed on the facts of how incredibly important “our well-being” really is. And who play a crucial role there. In the future, companies will increasingly have to embed welfare thinking and actions in their business strategy in order to achieve the desired prosperity objectives. And how beautiful it is when prosperity and well-being go hand in hand!

How can you embed a change of mindset in your business strategy?

Do you have strategic objectives, qualitative or quantitative, that focus on well-being? If so, have they been made concrete and how high are they on the priority list? Make it important within your organization and let you connect high potentials with regard to this issue.

PJ Strategy can help you facilitate these sessions.

PJ Strategy can bring out the knowledge and skills from your organization and together create a business strategy that has the right balance between prosperity and well-being. Appealing, motivating and workable. Make sure you are strategically ready for the future based on that new balance. We are happy to help you!

PJ Strategy introductory offer: 2 x 3 hour session for 899, – excluding VAT
In 2 sessions of 3 hours, if desired also digitally possible via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we will take a team from your organization (max. 5 persons) selected by you into the environment of your company that has changed due to the corona crisis. What are the threats? But certainly also, what are the new opportunities and possibilities. And what does the balance between prosperity and well-being look like for your organization? In the 2 sessions this is mapped specifically for your company, under the guidance of the professionals of PJ Strategy. In addition to laying a foundation for recalibrating your strategy, you immediately gain insight into the methodologies that PJ Strategy has developed. And if this gives cause to decide at a later stage to purchase a complete Strategic Team Process from PJ Strategy, we will deduct the costs of the introductory offer.

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How do you keep your staff motivated and believe in a bright future in these times of turmoil and uncertainty due to the corona crises?